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January Specials starting January 2 2019!

Happy New Year from York Laser and MedSpa! opportunity to Work on Your Summer Body this Winter!

Come enjoy our products,services, and this month's exciting specials. 


We're closed for the holidays. Open JAN 2 at 9am


Work On Your Summer Body this Winter. Up to 20% off in January

Tired of looking at your beer belly, mommy tummy, muffin top, banana rolls, chubby chin,  saddlebags or love handles? Tired of making no progress with diet and exercise? CoolSculpting may be your solution!

No surgery. No needles. No downtime. No effort. No kidding! Fat cells are killed and will not be replaced by your body. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to safely freeze and kill fat cells. 

In January get 15% off CoolSculpting treatments.

 Attend CoolEVENT Jan 28  (7pm in our  office )  and purchase CoolSculpting  20% off! 

Register early for the CoolEvent  (905) 726-1126


NEW Laser Skin Tightening 15% off in January

The GentleMax Pro Laser—Skin Tightening Treatment for the FACE and NECK  is a unique skin tightening and rejuvenation option that produces dramatic results.

Laser skin tightening effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, loose and sagging skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Laser skin tightening is a non- invasive, non-surgical process. The laser infrared light beam penetrates deep into skin tissue and a controlled amount of heat affects the collagen under the skins surface, causing it to tighten.


NEW Pedi-Peel 30% off in January

No more troll toes and horrific heels. Get baby soft and smooth feet with our deep pedi-peel

Luxurious foot peeling mask contains salicylic acid and 17 natural  vegetable extracts to pamper your feet and remove coarse skin. 


Perfect Derma Skin Care System 20% off in January

The Perfect DermaTM Kit 

SOLVES COMMON SKIN CONCERNS Sun Spots?  Melasma? Dull or aging complexion? 


The Perfect A contains prescription strength retinoic acid and vitamin C to stimulate cell turnover, improve skin tone and texture.

The Perfect Bleaching Cream contains 4% hydroquinone, kojic acid and arbutin to address hyperpigmentation, lifting existing pigment and suppressing future pigmentation.

The Perfect C with 20% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and ferulic acid  to protect against free radical damage,  hydrating and brightening the skin.

The Perfect Cleanser is aloe-based with azelaic acid, vitamin E, and green tea extracts to brighten the skin and reduce inflammation in all Skin Types.

The Perfect Lift Serum contains a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, probiotics and a peptide complex that stimulates collagen synthesis, hydrates and plumps the skin. 

MD Solar Sciences SPF 30 is  a silky-smooth,  oil-free mineral sunscreen. Water resistant up to 80